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  • Stubborn Fat

    So you've been eating well and training regularly but still have some stubborn fat that is refusing to shift? It could be that your hormones are out of balance.

    Many people have stubborn problem areas of fat storage due to hormone imbalances in their bodies. By recognising what the problem is and taking steps through exercise and nutrition to restore your hormone balance, you can lose this excess body fat.

    Problem area: Love handles

    Caused by: Not tolerating carbs well and the resulting insulin response.

    Most people eat carbs such as bread, pasta and bananas throughout the day. Carbs are required for energy but most people eat far more carbs than are needed for the amount of exercise they do. Whatever is not burnt off ends up being stored as fat.

    Change your diet: Simply reduce your carb intake, ideally limiting only to after training sessions. Make sure meals consist of quality protein such as chicken or fish, healthy fats such as nuts or olive oil and plenty of green vegetables. In addition taking cinnamon tea can help lower blood sugar levels, and Fenuplex helps the body deal with the damage caused by insulin.

    Problem area: Weight around the bottom and thighs

    Caused by: High levels of oestrogen.

    Oestrogen levels tend to be high in women, because it is the hormone responsible for female development. There is also concern about environmental pollutants called xenoestrogens, chemicals that act like oestrogen found in everyday products such as plastic containers, detergents etc, which add to the fat storing problem.

    Change your diet: increase your intake of green vegetables - they contain a natural chemical called diindolylmethane (DIM) which helps clear oestrogen. DIM can also be taken in supplement form. Taking a greens drink such as Udo's Beyond Greens will help the body to use oestrogen, as will Calcium D-Glucarate. Probiotics can help the digestive system clear excess oestrogen, while vitamins C, E and D3 will help the liver convert excess oestrogen into weaker forms.

    Problem area: Fat around the tummy

    Caused by: Excess stress hormone, cortisol.

    High cortisol levels caused by lack of sleep or work related stress raise your insulin levels, and result in excess sugar being stored as fat.

    Change your diet: Eat a diet high in quality protein and vegetables and lower your intake of processed white high GI grains such as pasta and bread. This will help to balance blood sugar levels. Liquorice root and vitamin D help to lower blood sugar, while tulsi tea, which can be bought in your local supermarket, helps to lower stress levels.


    Whatever your body shape, getting your training sessions right will also help you to reduce body fat.

    Ideally you should be doing 2-3 resistance workouts per week. Include plenty of big compound exercises which use more than one muscle group, such as squats and press ups in these. These will help to build lean muscle which will your calorie burn even at rest.

    Cardio wise, long steady cardio sessions can increase cortisol levels and cause weight gain. Instead opt for shorter high intensity sessions such as interval training. These will help tap into fat stores whilst preserving lean muscle.


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